Days 27 /28 weekend review

So overall the week has been very good. I have a had a few moments when I can sense the stress building and I have a list of go-to ‘s when I get stressed….

  1. Exercise – This one is huge for me. I have come to realize that I need some sort of physical exercise everyday to balance the stress level. Right  now I lean towards running on my treadmill and yoga.
  2. Coffee Breaks- Sometimes the best things to do is just make  myself a cup of coffee and just sit. I especially like to sit on my back porch and relax.
  3. Venting- Not something I do very often but this week it was nice to say to my husband “Sometimes its tough” in reference to  the deployment and being a single parent all these months.

I also have learned in the past month what triggers are key for me that typically lead to yelling….

  1. Not enough Sleep
  2. Not remembering to eat
  3. Clutter

Overall I am learning one step at a time to make changes which is huge!



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