Day 23- Each day starts fresh.

Here I am at day 23, and one thing I am learning is that each day is a blank slate. Yesterday was great, today was ok. Not so much yelling but not having patience.  Today we had 3 doctors appointments came home  for a little while then had to go to 2 baseball games. In between the kids were playing outside, and I was trying to get dinner put together and in the crock pot. In and out went the kids, Mom can I have water, a popsicle, a snack etc. Maybe it was the beep every time the door opens  but I could feel my self loose patience very quickly.

The key thing is I was able to recognize it. Typically I would yell and react to the stress. But, that is the beauty of this challenge. Change is coming! Baby steps but it is coming!

Tomorrow is a new day. Each day starts fresh, with a clean slate. Taking baby steps to make the changes to be a better wife and mom!


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