Weekend Recap [day 20/21]

So most of the weekend has gone pretty well.  We did have one moment yesterday when my older boys [10 and 12] were helping me with the bunk bed and it could have turned into a yelling fest but it didn’t.  I did learn a few things however…

  1. My boys are more patient then I am when it comes to putting things together.
  2. Sometimes Mom needs a time out.
  3. Always tell your children you love them. They are never too big to her that and to get a hug from you. My boys are 5ft and 5 ft 2 and I am 5 ft 4!

One of the best things I am learning thru all this is that I can not change over night. It is a constant work in progress. I am also learning that when I do mess up and yell the best thing for my kids to hear is I’m sorry, I was wrong .


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