DAY 19 L.O.V.E

This mornings challenge is awesome.  The content I can not show you because it is part of the protected posts  for those going thru the challenge, but I found another  one of the Orange Rhino’s posts that explain LOVE.

So many times I am quick to react and not look at the situation. Maybe child in question is hungry, tired, angry or all the above. Maybe just maybe I have been preoccupied with  things and all they want if 5 minutes of my time. Yes I am cringing right now as I realize my 6 year old asked me to play a board game with him yesterday and I forgot 😦 Guess what we will be doing today!

My morning devotion today challenged me to write each of my kids a not stating the positive things about them . I am going a step further and putting  dry erase boards in there rooms so I can leave them notes from time to time:) It will be a project to tackle this weekend. [pic may follow]

I also read this post over at Mom of 6 which is another great reminder of how we can focus on the positives each day!


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