Day 18 Still Smiling

Ok so at the end of each night we are asked to toot are horns on FB.  [Orange Rhino Info] and here is what I wrote…..

I am still tooting even though this morning was rough. I yelled, cried and then in the middle of it my husband called [currently deployed] and listened to me vent and then talked to each of the kids about behavior especially when he is gone. Made the rest of the day go smooth. I told him I am not perfect and will have moments when I mess up and yell and his response was I don’t want perfect and I know you are trying:) Made me smile!

Today was in no way shape or form perfect. But sometimes all you need is a phone call from the one you love to make everything better. Tomorrow is a new day and I will count again. Made it 5 days so this times I am shooting for 10!


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