Day 17 Resting

Today I declared it relax /movie day with my kids. It is supposed to rain all afternoon so everything we had today has or will be cancelled. Some days you just a day off to rest. Especially during Summer when its a lot of late nights due to baseball games and sleepovers.

What does this have to do with the No Yelling challenge I am in the middle of? EVERYTHING!  The kids are tired, I am tired, which means we need an extra amount of patience and grace today. I know the kids are worn out from the busy schedules and thus behavior may not be  up to par. I am not excusing negative behavior just  being a little more understanding when I have a crabby child or a whiny baby.  I am also more aware that’s because I am tired I may be more quick to snap at the kids and snapping could lead to yelling :(.

So, today a little more grace will be given. We will get thru the day with the goal of not yelling  5 days now and continue chugging along!


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