Day 15 Recap and Chugging along to Sweet 16

So yesterday was a crazy day in our house. It started with getting a flat tire on the way to the 3 year olds therapy appointment. Needless to say 3 hours in a tire place with four kids who were tired from a busy weekend and having to get up early was not fun. BUT I did not yell! Except for when I was trying to put air in the tire so I could get to the tire place [picked up a nail]  and the kids were jumping in the car and fighting. I am not counting that as yelling because it was more for there safety.

After that we still had errands to run and then later it was our usual Monday madness. Baseball, Ballet, Jujitsu, and this week Sports Camp. Plus I needed to get some papers notarized so we walked in the door at 1pm to turn around and leave at 3pm.  Baseball got rained out but not until we got there so we still had to go 😦

Today is a less hectic day and I have not yelled since Saturday so four days  going strong. I also was able to get a run in last night which is always a huge stress release for me.

Bring on the day!


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