Two weeks in….

Wow! I can not believe it has been two weeks of concentrating on not yelling! It has been a roller coaster ride  with some up and down days. It has not been perfect , I have had my times where I have yelled and others where I have repeated Orange Rhino over and over again but I am still going strong.

This weekend we were asked in the email group to set a goal for ourselves. I chose 2 weeks of not yelling. It seems to be that I am good week 1 but then as the stress builds up my voice gets louder and louder. I also want to  watch how I talk to me kids, with less of  “do this” and “no do it this way” letting go of some of my perfection. The last thing I am going to do is restart the Daily Blessings [everyone says 1 positive of there choice } at the en of the day. Then I write them on the white board and its on the fridge until the next night. This was something that we have gotten away from mainly because during baseball season we get in to late and I just want to get the kids to bed.  I think it will help me keep perspective on the days!

So that’s the goals for the next two weeks. Reasonable in my eyes and more then attainable!


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