Day 12 Feeling Equipped

So today started relatively easy. Due to the heat and baseball games last night we cancelled our beach trip with friends today. I new it was the right thing to do and I didn’t feel guilty  [which is huge for me]  about it. Funny thing was I did not have one complaint from a child.

I let the kids sleep in, kept breakfast simple with free choice. This means more mess for me as its typically 6 different things but the flip side is I don’t here I don’t want that from anyone. Then the boys [10 and 12] got ready to go to a friends house for a play day/sleepover. I am watching my friends two so my house will be busy with 6 under 7 but hopefully they will all crash pretty early:)

I have thought a lot this week about why I yell, learning to recognize triggers and what not. I still have a long way to go, hence why it is a 30 day challenge but I feel very equipped. The emails and Facebook page are a huge help which is awesome.   I am anxious to start the second half of this journey! One step at a time, but each day is a success.

PS. I am including this in the Homemakers Challenge Link Up as my DIY/Accomplished for the week! Check them out for dome other great DIY’S !


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