Making it to Day 11 on a Roller Coaster Ride

Yesterday,  felt  like a crazy roller coaster ride.  I was up down up down the whole day. One minute I am handling everything great the next minute I am flipping out over laundry. It was a long day.  Now that I had a decent nights sleep…my 7 year old had a meltdown at bedtime and I had a few visitors in my room, I can look at yesterday make adjustments as needed.


  1. Its Hot. Yesterday the heat index  was 104 degrees outside. When we left for baseball games yesterday my car said it was 100 – that’s hot. Heat makes kids crabby, it makes mom crabby. Today the Heat Index is again  around 105 so I need to factor this in for day and our activities.
  2. Its Summer. The house will not be as neat and picked up as during the school year because the kids are home.
  3. We are worn out from this deployment. We are on the last leg of it, which is the hardest because all the flights are coming in and we have to wait and be patient for my husband to come in.  I need to remember when we see a plane and one of the kids asks if that is Daddy’s plane for the 100th time 🙂

So my goal for today is not to feel like were on a roller coaster but a lazy inner tube ride just coasting along.


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