Day 9 Learning to adjust my triggers.

So this morning I got up and the challenge today was to adjust what triggers your yelling. Today it was to focus on the small things such as being late, clutter etc.  One of my biggest frustrations that almost always leads to yelling is us getting out the door in the morning. During the school year, I keep my kids schedules simple.  Dressed, beds made  breakfast, out the door. However in the summer they are expected to help with the basic chores. For some reason it takes everyone twice as long especially when we have to be somewhere. I end up stressing out because we have to be somewhere, the house is still not picked up, and the kids are crabby because Mom is yelling again. Fun times!

So, this morning I got up and told each child [we have 6] what time we were leaving and what I expected out of them. I also informed them that if the chores were not don’t they would be finishing the chores when we got home. I did not yell, not once . Not when it took them 25 minutes to get dressed and make beds. Not when it  was time to go and chores were not done. Needless to say when we got home 2 hours later they were less then thrilled to have to do chores then be able to play or as my 5 year old says “Be Free”. They finished the chores rather quickly and then later when I said it was time to pick up before we went to baseball they again picked up quickly. Everyone got what they need to do done and I never had to raise my voice! Day 9 success!


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