Day 7 Recap and the start of Day 8

So Day 7 was a mess. I snapped at the kids, we were all tired. We had things to do that I did not want to do and that  triggered my yelling. But the difference this time…it did not last all day. I was able to stop and say wow I need a time out!  This is huge, usually it would carry  on the  rest of the day, and just escalating.  But it didn’t.

So now I start  week two Day 8 with a fresh perspective. I think this challenge is so much more then not yelling, but really finding out why you yell and changing it. I have realistic expectations for today and realistic expectations for my kids. I am the one in control and my mood sets the tone for the day.  We have appointments and activities and a very busy day ahead of us. My kids will get tired, I know this. My goal is to handle each situation with calmness and the expectation that the day will not go perfectly. Nothing in life is perfect!


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