Wow! 6 days in and learning to let go…..

This morning which started at 5:30 am with my 3 year old waking up ready to start the day is the beginning of Day 6. Day 5 I  did pretty good as we had a few close calls but NO Yelling!

More importantly I am learning to let go. When the kids do something, that requires correction I deal with it and move on. When outside forces affect my day I am learning to deal with it and not let it stress me out. For example: Quick trip the store yesterday and I have four of the kids with me, the 3 little boys all in the cart and my daughter walking with us . We needed eggs and some cleaning supplies  but that was it.  However, in the middle of trying to push the heavy cart thru the aisles I had to take a phone call. So I am on my cell phone and my 3 boys decide that now is the best time to wrestle in the cart. I was stuck, on my cell trying to talk and wrangle three little boys to not kill each other or knock down the display.  I was stressed and could feel the frustration building. But I survived and let it go. I looked at the situation and while I did talk with the boys about behavior in the store I let it go. I think they were more shocked then anything they did not have me yelling and going on and on 🙂

So today we are on Day 6, its now 7:16 am  we have baseball at 9am and then again at 12:45 and then a trip to the commissary on the schedule. My goal for today is not to yell but also be realistic and let the little things go!


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