Day 5 sunshine after the rain

Today the sun is out the rain has stopped and I have made it to day 5. Yesterday night I had a little hiccup in the No Yelling here is wrote on the Orange Rhino Blog Page [The Topic was Triggers]

 We did great all afternoon but as the night progressed and the kids who were tired of being stuck in the house because of the rain started getting louder and louder I could feel my self getting more on edge. Then I was on the phone with my MIL and the kids were louder then ever to the point I said I needed to get off the phone. I know she understands but still  its the point. Finally I settle the kids down to watch a movie and the 5 year old runs thru the kitchen and crashes into the trashcan, letting out this scream….and I snapped. I yelled “what happened” and the kids looked at me in awe. But you know what that was it. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and I had this image of  orange rhino running thru are kitchen. This was huge for me! I looked at the 5 year old told him CALMLY to go lay down  and watch the movie and it was over. The old me would have gone on for 20 min yelling at everyone about all the things they are doing wrong etc. etc. etc. So my yell was more like a jolt like a bolt of lighting given the warning that a storm was coming. Today the sun is out [thank goodness] and it is another day!

I have enjoyed the restful days we have had, but now that the storm has past we start back to the normal schedule which means baseball practice at 9am tomorrow!  Today I will clean  and do some DE cluttering because another one of my triggers is clutter.

Day 4 Mini Success because while I did have slip up I was able to recognize it and gain control!



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