Ugh….. making it to Day 4!

So I got up this morning ready to write about my day 3 only to discover my post from yesterday never uploaded. I am not sure where it is but  only the first few lines were in the drafts folder.

Frustrated but yet determined not to yell is my goal for today. I am realizing that outside stress such as  posts not working, rainy days, and uncontrolled circumstances affect my stress level and thus the littlest thing that one of my kids do will result in me snapping.

So, here I am on Day 4 and No Yelling!!!!! I will admit yesterday we had a few close calls that included…..

  1.  My 3 and 5 year old dumping the sugar in my front hall [see picture].
  2. Baseball games being cancelled because of rain = crabby kids.
  3. Kids playing around after dinner when they were supposed to clear the table.
  4. Did I mention the rain which has been all week and the kids have been stuck inside most of the day.
  5. Tired and worn out because we are almost done with the deployment.
  6. My 5 and 6 year fighting over who sits where in the car.
  7. My 10 and almost 12 year old bored which means trouble:)

But I survived the day and now we are moving onto to day four. Complete with a Tropical Storm Warning for our area.  We had a DR. Appointment  this morning and then the two littlest had Art Camp which went well. Driving home was a little hectic with all the rain and we needed to make a quick stop for water and batteries in case the power went out with the storm. I told the kids the expectations ahead of time and also gave them a little more grace due to the weather. Now we are home for the  day and I have declared it a Movie Pj’s play day!

My goal is to keep the kids occupied since we are stuck inside until the storm passes. We may even do a movie picnic dinner tonight! Bring on Day 5!


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